Welcome to our singing parent and baby community! We invite you to join our learning sessions in Russian language in London.

Bring music to life!

We are on our summer holidays and will be back with our fun sessions in Canada Water, Angel and Beckengham on a weekly basis from September. We will update you about times and dates in July. Have a great summer and enjoy the sun!

Приглашаем родителей и малышей петь весёлые детские песенки на русском языке. Наши занятия очень весёлые и созданы специально для самых маленьких.
Сейчас у нас каникулы, но мы вернемся с более интересной программой в сентябре. Всем желаем отлично провести лето!

Sing&Learn Activity Book by Mimimishki

It is time to introduce you to our hand made product which was inspired by babies and toddlers at our classes. These books are very special to us and we hope that they will create the best memories about childhood. Our idea is very simple yet very effective: singing to a baby your favourite song while showing different elements, repeating wording in one or two languages. It will help your child in a relaxing and positive atmosphere remember and learn better.

The book is great for parents and toddlers to spend some quality time together. It comes with song’s texts in English (or French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese depending on the song). It will also become very special and personal gift. The book is a great presentation of the song to a baby or a toddler and it helps develop the fine motor and cognitive skills, form and color identification, behaviour and mental logic, as well as imagination and to improve creativity and learn words and numbers.

The activity book consists of 2 pages and 2 covers. Book pages and items are made of Korean felt (100% polyester). Felt does not crumble, it does not roll down, it does not shed, it retains its primary appearance for many years. Additionally, the pages are featured with ribbons, felt buttons, and beads for educational purposes and developing fine motor skills. All elements are firmly sewn with strong silk thread. No glue is used!

The book dimensions: 9X12 inches/per page (24X30cm)
Materials: felt, ribbons, felt buttons, plastic buttons, zippers, beads, velcro fabric.

It is a handmade product, so the pages may not be exactly the same as those in the photographs. The colors may slightly vary depending on the fabric/felt available. Handmade in a smoke and pet free home.

You can hand wash it, do not iron.

We have developed 15 different books and if you would like to purchase any please contact us via this website form. Also, we have just opened our shop on etsy and you are very welcome to come and see our book in more detail! Here it is http://www.etsy.com/shop/MIMIMISHKIGB

Please remember that this item is not a toy and the child should be supervised at all times. Thank you for reading this post and have a great day with your family!


Hand Made Summer Fair

Do you love hand made products as much as we do? If your answer in “yes”, please join us at a hand made summer fair on the 9th of June which is organised by Mimimishki.

We will be happy to see all your family at our event. We are so excited about the content and many activities, which include songs for parents&babies, comedy show, arts&crafts, dancing, doula talk, photozone and a lottery!

The door opens at 11am and will be closed at 3.30pm. Our beautiful room is located just opposite Tesco entrance. There is also 4h free parking near by.

If you have any questions please contact us via the website form.

Мы настолько любим товары ручной работы, что решили организовать летнюю ярмарку! Будем Вас рады видеть у нас на мероприятии с детками, потому как у нас прекрасная программа для всей семьи: исполнение детских песен, комедийное шоу, презентация от профессиональной дулы, танцы, летние поделки и фотозона.

Часы работы ярмарки: 11.00 – 15.30. Наша комната находится напротив главного входа в Tesco. Рядом с торговым центром есть бесплатная парковка на 4 часа.

Если у Вас есть вопросы, пожалуйста, напишите нам и мы постараемся на них ответить.